Friday, 22 February 2013



 Conspicuous of the fact that there are some contentious issues in the events leading up to arrests and denials. Though the question of legality is yet to take shape as the matter is in the supreme court, its propriety can certainly be questioned. However there are some existential questions to be answered by the so called wise 'Netizens'.

         One of the most disturbing feature online is  'Anonymity'. It is a ploy to camouflage their true identity. With the advent of social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and others, there is a room for frequent online interaction which is inherently void of any proper authentication. People get abused, harassed and cheated online by anonymous users. This disturbing trend has no 'Ready to use' solution. The evolving features in the IT Act legitimately intend to regulate online activity. The problems arising out of anonymity in identity are a cause of concern. As your essay reads self restraint is the best policy. But the solution is elusive in the self restraint net.
       Frankly speaking, almost every internet user one or the other way is a victim of online 'abuse'. We do not find even a single film star, politician or a TV anchor not complaining about abuse. the vulgar and goofy comments certainly requires punitive measures to contain them. At this critical juncture one has to take cognizance of popular sentiments before arriving at a decision. Otherwise the provocative online actions could ignite mass protests and communal riots. India cannot afford to entrench in such wild actions. So prevention of such uprisings requires prudent measures, which may look harsh but  are necessary in maintaining the social fabric.
      The divergent India has been home to divergent views. You have opined that 'Vishwaroopam' was made controversial though it was not. Frankly i have not watched the movie yet. But if you ponder the sequence of events that followed the release of controversial and highly contentious film on Prophet Mohammed, you will figure out the responsibilities of the govt in taking the precaution. I am not of the opinion that 'Vishwaroopam' be banned. But early measures are always cardinal in deciding the future scope of any event. They does not amount to draconian measures. You know best the laws are implemented in India. There is necessity to build broad consensus on obscure provisions of the IT Act. You cannot remove your limb because you are hurt. Proper mechanisms have to be put in place to check the misuse.
       Constitution confers every citizen freedom of speech and expression, not in absolute but relative terms. Intrusion on individual rights has to be dealt with iron hand. Fact of the matter is Constitution was framed and enacted in an era when only 17% of Indians were educated and press was the only means of public discourse. Now we are in the digital mould where things are so volatile and motile that things blocked in one form appear in the other in a nick of time. User interaction has grown enormously than we ever imagined. The point is the provisions you so far mentioned have become antiquated and archaic. There is need for re-look at the obsolete provisions of the same. 
         Yes, there is no 'Please all' formula. So efforts are on from the Govt to build a consensus on contentious issues. 'Carrot & Stick' approach of the Govt makes sense in highly volatile digital world. The motive behind this small expedition was to highlight the need for regulation. This essay does not, in any way support the infringement on the fundamental rights. Let stray incidents do not hamper our progress. The right path would be to shun the overzealous and hyperactive responses paving the way for secure digital world.

Monday, 4 February 2013


             Definition of love is different for different persons. It rests on individual perspective of an individual. The most haunted question is who designed such a great, highly calibrated and precisely timed life. According to sacred texts life in entirety is a gift of God. God being omnipotent and ubiquitous created these impeccable creatures on so called Earth. The time bound life is a cycle of births and deaths. Philosophers say its routine, wherein 'if one goes other fits in' so that balance is maintained.
            What next ? God might have felt the need for continuity. There comes the concept of love. In strict biological terms love means sex and does not entertain emotions. We believe in love though its existence cannot be proved. Nature has time and again epitomized such things like air which we can see and but can't feel, fire which we can see and feel and emotions which we can't see but still we feel. Love falls in third category. The perception of love for all ages cannot be the same. Even the basic concept of love is quite paradoxical elsewhere. A mother's care for her child has always benen sacrosanct but bonding between a newly married couple in the early years is more of a lust than love. Facts are not science as dictionary is not literature. Exemplifying one or two does not delineate love. Question is what is the yardstick to classify what is love and what is not.?
         In the context of two love birds Shakespeare has said "True love starts only after sixty". The remaining is all about attraction. When I say I am in love what society understands is I am attracted to someone of opposite sex. You can also say I love my family members, but it is comprehended in different manner. When a girl or a boy attains a pubic age in normal course, he tends to get attracted to a person of another sex. A leading american philosopher has once said " What poor calls sex, is called love by the rich". The demarcation between love and sex is very bleak. Fact is that love in childhood is innocence and in adulthood is attraction.
        Behemoth question on the table is whether there exists real love.? In my opinion, Yes. An attraction even when they are not juxtaposed can be called love in real terms. Society at large accepts this argument. Mobile communication and Facebook have only rewritten the concept of love. People tend to get excited when they see their loved ones. If what we see, what we perceive is true then  what we tom tom around the world as love exists. Love is unwritten, unconditional bonding between two lives. Its vicinity is never beyond reach. In totality, the fragile argument that love is simply an attraction         
finds no basis. 
    The title of this piece of writing entails the word 'charity'. You may ask what one has to do with charity when one is in love.? The thing is when one succeeds in love charity does not come into picture. But when one fails, he turns inimical to one he loved. After all life is full of surprises. Her memories haunts him time and again. According to a study conducted in US only 10% succeed in love. Other 40% either name their child after their loved one or remain secluded. Remaining 50% end up in charity and social work. Now think of the power of love which turns a tech savvy into a philanthropist. The intriguing results of above study leave us in bewilderment. So think a moment before you ink your decision.      

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Why I joined DIVYADEEPA..??

" The world is moved along, not only by the shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of tiny pushes of each honest worker " Divyadeepa is one such organisation, thanks to its founder  for his efforts in bringing forth such a wonderful institution, helping children from weaker sections of society in realizing their dreams in the fast turning world.  Divyadeepa derives its inspiration from sir Aurabindo and Swami Vivekananad. The spirit of compassion, patriotism and spirituality drives Divyadeepa.
    History of Divyadeepa reveals how it was built on the strong ideals of philanthropy. It was started as an agency to help children from economically weaker sections of the society who tend to drop out either because of rampant poverty or parents' illiteracy.  Divyadeepa started conducting supplementary classes free of cost for the benefit of these children. Gradually other activities were taken up which included sponsoring of children for personality development camps, arranging excursions for village children, creation of library for children, providing teaching aids, sports materials to the children, referring destitute children to other organisations. 
  of course there are many such organisations working for one or the other purposes to fight dreadful situations faced by socially outcast, economically weaker, mentally troubled and the list goes on. Question arises here is why did I choose Divyadeepa to instigate my stint as a socialist? What makes Divyadeepa so special to stand a class apart? Are there any firm reasons for Divyadeepa that can exemplify it as a wonderful institution reaching out to poor? These same questions haunted me at the inception. But Divyadeepa has never disappointed me in unravelling the ecstasy of life. 
    Months after I decided to choose civil services as my destination, I was mired in chaos. What should I be doing in knowledge-dearth so called tasteless engineering.? Engineering never ran through my mind. Scoring was never a problem. But lecturers did not allay my fears about future. They just brushed aside my ardent questions. I suggest never try to be creative in Engineering because it will treated as a blunder! The marathon classes, damn boring lectures failed to inspire me. I tried to accommodate myself  but futile attempts yielded no result. As Charles Darwin quipped "Nature always upholds survival of the fittest." I had to adapt to changing environment. 
  The last thing I could do was to give shape to my inner perceptions clearing above hindrances. Glaring income differences haunted me. Actually I am a staunch supporter of Socialist society. I prefer ‘Wealth’ to be distributed equally among all citizens. Though no such society exists in realm, at least we can work at the roots to establish the middle ground. How this could be done? The most herculean task would be to curb amassing wealth in fewer hands and strengthen the hands of less privileged. I saw Divyadeepa as a leader in this respect, spear-heading the movement in inculcating opportunities.
  As Mahatma Gandhi chalked “Be the change that you want see in this world”. I believed in this thought. My intention was to be a part of the solution. In this skyrocketing competitive world, I saw Divyadeepa as a podium to instigate my career   as a staunch socialist. It is said that “India is a poor country with rich people”. The glaring income nuances can only be devastating if they are not nipped at the bud. The vicious cycle of rampant poverty and illiteracy can only be broken with blasting awakening. Let’s stop tarring everybody with the same brush and join hands in realising this arduous task.